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Hi everyone!  This is Emily from The Lacquerologist, and today I am excited to share a quick tutorial with you for one of my favorite techniques!  The saran wrap technique adds a unique textural finish to any manicure.  It's a great way to spice up a mani that's a few days old, OR create an interesting base for a variety of nail art!  I have used this technique with a variety of polish colors and finishes, and I've loved it every time.  You can play around with monochromatic looks by choosing a creme polish and a metallic polish of a similar shade, or you can use boldly contrasting colors for a crazier look!  When choosing your polishes, consider how opaque they are.  Especially if the colors you choose don't mix well, make sure the polish you place on top is very opaque in one coat! 

A variety of manicures using the saran wrap technique, with and without nail art!

To complete this look, you will need base coat, top coat, two polishes of your choosing, a few pieces of torn up plastic wrap (I use sandwich baggies), clean-up brush and acetone.  While there are potentially multiple ways to go about creating this look, this is just how I do it! :-)

1.  After prepping your nails with base coat, apply your base color to opacity.  Let dry (important).  Here I am using Priti NYC Sweet Gesture Rose.

2.  Tear up a few pieces of plastic wrap or a sandwich baggy.  Scrunch a piece up so that you can use it almost like a stamp.

3.  Doing one nail at a time, apply a liberally thick coat of your second polish over your nail.  On my pointer nail, I am using Wet N Wild MegaLast Deadly Dose, a metallic gold.  Quickly move on to step 4!

4.  Use the scrunched up piece of plastic wrap and gently "stamp" it onto the nail, picking up the wet polish, leaving behind a textured finish.  This is why it is important to let the first color dry so that it does not get dented during this step.  I "dab" the saran wrap to the nail, wipe it off on some paper towel, and do it again, until I like the effect left on the nail!

5.  Complete steps 3 and 4 on your other nails, one at a time.  If you are using a less-opaque, more subtle polish like I am using, you could always let this dry and do the 
process a second time!

6.  Clean-up your cuticles with clean-up brush and acetone.

7.  Let dry and seal in with a quick dry top coat.  Enjoy! =)

Thanks for reading!