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Hey all! It's Shelly here, aka Sassy Shelly. Super excited to write my first post on the Digit-al Dozen blog, I feel so empowered. Lol.
Today I'm going to show you how I do a Splatter Mani. I love this technique not only because it looks Awesome but because it's incredibly easy and there's really no way it can 'go wrong'.  I've created a little step-by step for how I splatter and I hope it helps you do it too. 

(*this is only my 2nd time attempting a tutorial so please bare with me.) ☺

Splatter Mani Tutorial

Step one: Grab a straw and Choose your colors! You can use as many or as little as you want, I chose to go with fall colors so I used the shimmers from the OPI San Francisco Collection. 
Any size straw will do, just cut it to about 4 inches long. 

Step two: Paint your base color and Tape off your fingers! Or you will have a mess on your hands, literally.. :) 

Step three: shows how I get the polish onto the straw, just lift out the brush and scrape some off into the end of the straw. 

Step four: Working with one color at a time blow through the straw to splatter the polish on each of your nails. You wanna blow hard and fast. And yes, it goes everywhere! So make sure to have a paper towel down. 

Step five: Repeat step 4 with each color until your desired look is achieved. 

Step 6: Remove the tape, clean edges and cuticles with a q-tip or clean up brush and nail polish remover. Seal in your design with topcoat. 

TaaDaa! Now you can admire your beautiful abstract splatter nail art.

I love how this one turned out! The colors are so perfect for fall. I'd like to try one with more reds and golds next time.  I also did one of these over the summer with neons and it came out pretty good too, you can see that HERE if you like. 

Thanks for reading!
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