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Hi Everyone

Today is a very sad day in Digital Dozen Land.  As a lot of you may already know, the lovely Leslie of one of the world's best blogs - work play polish - has decided to leave the Digital Dozen.

Whilst this is unacceptable sad, we must resent respect Leslie's wishes, and begrudgingly allow her to abandon us move on.  We're all gutted to see her go, not just because she is an amazingly talented nail artist, but because she's also a warm, funny and generous lady, who has been nothing but 100% supportive since she joined the group a year ago.

So, behold, some of Leslie's best DD work, and a few words of love from the rest of us.  There's also links at the bottom to tribute manis we have done today.

JulieG splotched base in Bikini, Oh Em Gee! and Fierce & Fab with black zebra stamping

I "met" Leslie when we both entered a nail art contest together. I think way back then we were both sure the other was going to win. We slowly got to know each other and the more we did, the more we knew we were meant to be friends. I'm proud to say that I'm the one that introduced The Digital Dozen to Leslie. It's obvious that she has been a wonderful, talented and loved addition to our group. She will be missed dearly. I look forward to her guest appearances :)

Victoria from Manicurator

Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 RTW inspired Zoya Cashmeres Nail Art

Leslie has truly been an inspiration to me in the sense of professionalism, and of course nail art! My passion is nail art, and she is someone I always looked to for tips and ideas. She's down to earth and honest - which is another thing I love about her. She will be missed in this group, but I can't wait to see what she has in store for her own blog's future!

Heather from Peace Love and Polish

Blue Patchwork Nail Art

When I learned that Leslie was going to be leaving The Digital Dozen I was really sad. For two reasons, first, because she is really genuinely kind and supportive of everyone else in the group but also, because her talent always raises the bar for me each month. I ultimately felt happy for her though because she is doing amazing things in the nail community and I am always happy to see all the new collaborations she has developed with businesses. I really wish her the best and I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the future.

Badgley Mischka Resort 2014 Inspired Mani using Sation Nail Polishes

It's been such a joy to have her in the group. She does AMAZING art and she's always so sweet and supportive. But sadly, all good things must come to an end and Leslie has had to leave the group. I certainly wish her all the best and even though she won't be posting with The Digital Dozen anymore, I'll be following along her amazing blog every month anyway!

Bee from Bee Polished

Vivid Lacquer Comic Plate (VL011)

I'll really miss Leslie! Her posts are always just pristine.. Perfect nail art, perfect photography, perfect nails! She was a fantastic part of the Digital Dozen and I'm so bummed to see her go!

Jessica from BeautyGnome

Where the Wild Thing Are Nail Art

Leslie - I wish you so much success in your future. You have shown me what it means to reach for your goals and to work hard, and how sweet that hard work can be when it pays off. I have seen you go from a small nail blog to a BRAND, and I know there are so many big things in your future.
I cherish the times we were able to talk, and laugh, or even disagree, and though I will miss your presence and soul in the Digit-al Dozen, I know it won't ever go away and you will always be with us! You definitely push me all the time to go further in my art and my blogging, every time I visit your blog, I am blown away by what you do, even if its only a swatch! You are one to watch and I am glad to know you my friend!
Missy from Gnarly Gnails

Cat in the Hat Nail Art with Zoya Darcy, Snow White and Carmen

We’re all gutted about Leslie’s departure (and very nearly kidnapped her and forced her to stay) but we do understand her reasons.
Vic from Glowstars

Autumn Nail Art

  We sure will miss you participating in DD weeks with us!  You'll always be a member in our hearts though, and I hope you get to jump in with a mani every once in a while. :)
Ashley from Smashley Sparkles

OPI Pop Art (work / play / polish)

Leslie, thank you for your creative spirit that you brought to The Digit-al Dozen. You made me strive to be a better artist. We will miss you in the group! But don't worry, we will still stalk you on your blog!
Kirsten from Geeky Owl

Kandinsky Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles (work / play / polish)

We are losing a very talented and lovely lady!  I was constantly wowed by Leslie's designs and the amount of talent she consistently brought to the group.  Her designs are some of the best I have ever seen!   Her skills always challenged me to up my own work!  Leslie you have been an amazing member of the The Digit-al Dozen and you will be missed!  Good luck in all your future endeavors!

Houndstooth patterned French Manicure using OPI Alpine Snow, Black Onyx and Red

I may be a newbie but I was still very sad to hear the news.  In just the last month of knowing her I can see that Leslie is super sweet! I love her blog and all of her nail art designs and I was really hoping to have the chance to get to know her better. Her blog has rocketed to stardom recently and is exactly what I think of when I think professional.. I've been bugging her for blogging and photography advice but she's a very busy woman for obvious reasons. ;)  Leslie has raised the bar for all of us and even though she is no longer a part of the group I will continue to follow her and be in awe of her nail skills on a daily basis. And hopefully she will decide jump in on a challenge with us once in a while. :)

Shelley from SassyShelley

Zoya Valentine Nails: Ali, Sweet and Carmen (work / play / polish)

It's always sad when someone leaves the Digit-al Dozen, we are all such a close little group.  Leslie always creates nail art that makes me gasp, she is one of the ladies that always inspires me to try new things and to better myself. 

Kerrie from Pish Posh Polish

Go, Dog. Go! Nail Art

Oh Leslie - I am going to miss you so much.  From your amazing encouragement of the efforts of every member of the group to the way the quality of YOUR art inspired us all to be better. I will especially miss swearing every time you post a new mani and I curse my own comparative lack of talent.  Love ya xx

Debbie from The Crumpet

And finally, here's Leslie's own tribute to the Digital Dozen which she posted last month -