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Hi there nail enthusiasts, it's Sue from Creative Nail Design By Sue.
Today's post will show you some of our favorite blue polishes.  Because we are all so widespread across the globe, we have a nice mix of polish suppliers represented here. So let's get to it shall we?  I give to you.......

Heather from Peace, Love & Polish's favorite blue is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Pacific Blue. Here you can see she used this gorgeous, bright blue creme as a base on her ring finger for a Digital Dozen art-themed post.

Kerrie from PishPosh & Polish says "Barry M are always my go to nail polishes, they are always a great consistency and have a great range of colours. I love Barry M Cyan Blue but there is also Cobalt Blue and Gelly Guava and Gelly Blue Grape".

Vic from Glowstars posted about her favorite, NARS Koliary, which she says is one of her most used polishes.  Here she uses it in some nail art.

Katee from A Girl And Her Polish says, "my favorite blue polish is butter LONDON Blagger.  I still remember applying it the first time and thinking "WoW!".  To me it is the perfect blue.  Just the right shade, not to dark, not to light.  And I can't forget the application!  Flawless application and so smooth and yummy.  Yes, it is a tad pricey but totally worth it"

Laurie from Dressed Up Digits told me, "my favorite blue is Illamasqua Phallic!  Phallic was the first Illamasqua I owned.  I will not lie before I had even seen swatches or pics of it I was intrigued by its name. Being an avid reader of romance books, and many erotica books at that, I felt I HAD to own a bottle of something called Phallic.
My jaw hit the floor when I actually got an up close and personal look at Phallic and trust me I've seen and read about ALOT of phallic images and my jaw has never hit the floor before. Its dark blue color with buried shimmer and sparkle is really the best blue I've ever seen"!

Lindsey from Wondrously Polished says, "my favorite blue has to be Zoya's Natty! It was one of the first blues I ever purchased - still holds a special place in my heart! - and I still love it as much as the day I bought it. It is such a stunning and unique smokey blue that you can't help but be drawn to it. It's a great color on it's own (especially during the fall) but works just as well as a feature in your favorite nail art". 

Jolene from Follow Gashin tells me "one of my favorites, and it's a new addition to my stash, is Arcane Lacquer's Erudite Charm. Just look at that macro! It's a very complex polish even though its complexity is quite subtle. The pink shimmer comes out in medium to strong lighting, and the black bits give it a speckled look in whatever lighting conditions. It's just a real gem of a polish".

Emma from Manicurity shared this, "Pure Ice French Kiss is MY FAVORITE BLUE EVAR because it's everything you would want in a blue creme polish. It only costs $2, it has a pretty perfect formula that covers in one coat (if you paint thicker coats like I do), and it has a square bottle that fits especially well in a Helmer drawer. I love the mid-tone shade of blue, too - not too bright and not too dark, perfect all year!"

Victoria from The Manicurator says her favorite blue polish is "Essie Turquoise and Caicos because it's gorgeous and because it's where I honeymooned (Turks and Caicos). I love the crelly formula too"!

Jessica from Beauty Gnome told me "my go-to blue polish is Barielle Swizzle Stix. It's a bright sky blue that is opaque enough to look vibrant without putting white underneath.. Two coats and you're good to go. I love a nice sky blue polish, it looks bright and sunny in the Summer and cool and icy in the Winter! A great shade for any season".

Shelly from Sassy Shelly said, "It's sooo hard to pick a favorite of any one polish color, especially blue because I love so many of them. But one polish that definitely stands out at the top of my list is Sapphire Dreams from Ninja Polish. This rich royal blue has sooo much shimmer- it's insanely gorgeous! It applies perfectly in just 2 coats and the formula is outstanding! Combined with the fact that Ninja Polishes wear like iron on me make this one a winner in my book. "

Ashley from Smashley Sparkles said, "my very favorite blue polish is Kiko 336. It is a beautiful electric blue creme. The reason I love it is because it seems to have a glow about it, and it covers perfectly in two coats. I have also been wanting it for several years, ever since I saw MissChievous on YouTube feature it in one of her videos, so it helps that I was finally able to satisfy a long time lemming with it!

Pinning Debbie from The Crumpet down to pick just one blue polish was a struggle but she was able to lower it down to a few....and by a few I mean, all of the Kiko blues, Bondi Midnight Blue and China Glaze Kinetic Candy.  You can see she used Kinetic Candy here as the lighter base color in (you guessed it) a blue gradient.

So......what's my favorite you're wondering?  I love blue polish but to me, this is a slam dunk.  Nothing compares to a ManGlaze.  Specifically, Royal Mattermoaning.  Like all the ManGlaze polishes, it dried matte with this amazingly gorgeous hidden shimmer that only comes out with a top coat.  Perfection...

 We hope you enjoyed this post - what is YOUR favorite blue polish?