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Hi everyone Kerrie here from PishPosh and Polish, and this is my first outing on The Digit-al Dozen blog! Today I am sharing with you my top dozen  great glitter polishes that are must haves in your collection.

I know in recent years that glitter has slowly been pushed to one side in favor of new fancy thermal or holographic polishes but in my humble opinion the glitter polish still reigns supreme!   Sometimes it's chunky, sometimes it's a topper.  Sometimes it's an entire glitter polish, and at others it's so subtle you need to be half-fairy to see it.

So let's get started shall we?

Multi coloured glitter toppers don't get any more fabulous than Random Dancing, they can be applied to pretty much any base and whether they are sparse glitters or denser they still look amazing! The pop of colour you can get from them is great too! Really you have spoilt for choice when it comes to rainbow glitter toppers but you should all have one at least in your stash!

A white crelly with lots of multi coloured matte glitter. It looks like frosting and is almost good enough to eat!  If you can't find this then I suggest Pretty and Polish Jawbreaker or KB Shimmer Oh Splat! 

Cop A Teal is the perfect glitter topper  full of metallic yummyness. On the nail is just looks flawless and is a polish that works with anything!

Sometimes a bit of subtle bling is all that is needed to bring a manicure to life. Orly Prisma Gloss Gold is one of these polishes. Also look out for China Glaze Fairy Dust which is the delicate silver counterpart of this. 

Everyone and their Aunt has a black and white glitter polish out now. Lynderella came first with Connect The Dots, but this K B Shimmer is my personal favourite take on this idea.  To me black and white glitter just screams instant, easy nail art. There are a wealth of indies you can chose from and even mainstream brands are jumping on the bandwagon (Loreal Confetti Topcoat anyone?) 

There is just something about glitter with a colour-clash glitter verses base polish that really sings to me, it is so wrong and yet so right!  Cadillacquer does this amazingly with Masterpiece (be sure to check out Seek The Fire too for another great example!) 

Yes another multi-coloured rainbow glitter I know! But if this doesn't show you the versatility and multi-faceted nature of glitter then nothing will. The black jelly base makes this polish foreboding and adds depth. It is murky and those flashes of colour really have a 'wow' factor that you can't ignore!

Sweet and Deadly by Lynnderella

There had to be at least one Lynnderella on this list. Really I could have chosen any polish but I do love the mix of pink and white in this one. Lynn does have a great eye for glitter!

Zoya makes great glitter polishes, from subtle glitter's like this to the crazy glitterbombs that are the Pixie Dusts! There are just SO many to choose from.  Dream really does live it to it's name!

Everyone should try to own at least one Enchanted Polish. She is known more for her duochrome and holographic polishes but her glitters are divine. I love the mixture of red and pink in Flamingo Freckles! 

Passion Flower By Elevation Polish 

There is something about this polish that is really compelling, I think it is those dots that make it! I have only just found this while researching this article and I am in love. I can't stop thinking about it! If anything this shows the power of a great polish, you can instantly fall in love with it!

  What is your ultimate glitter lemming? 

Keep sparkling!!