Hey readers!

This is Missy of Gnarly Gnails, today I am bringing you a compilation of some of my favorite love and Valentine's Day inspired manicures from the ladies of the Digit-al Dozen, let's take a look!
Katee keeps it simple with a cute pink glitter gradient over a white base and some painted on hearts!

Jacki puts a fun and funky spin on Valentine hearts by combining a sugar spun technique with a crackle design heart in unconventional love shades:

Jessica makes some adorable little heart doodles on a pastel purple base!

Bee shows us an adorable "coloring book" style Valentines mani here:

Tammy does multiple stamping plates and bright glitter polishes to bring us a cute heart skittle mani!

Sue uses a sponged base to showcase her cute little patchwork heart manicure:

Laurie makes water marbling look like a walk in the park here by creating some gorgeous heart designs:

Nory makes some fun cartoon style hearts with eye-popping neons to turn holiday into hot and trendy!

Jolène turns her entire hand into a rose garden with this creative way to make flowers out of hearts!

Vic combines leopard print and hearts to show off this fun yet edgy heart manicure:

Kirsten keeps it cute and simple with a gorgeous pink base and some Valentines appropriate stamping:

Missy takes tape and glitter and brings us a funky heart design with some unconventional color choices:

Emma combined love AND heartbreak into one cool manicure:

Heather painted the cutest little love birds - what a fun idea!

Kerrie got creative with the combined use of crackle polish and heart glitters!

Shelly made some great heart cutouts go a long way here by layering different types of designs on top of each other:

Ashley took studs and turned them into a heart motif that is absolutely adorable:

Stephanie made a gorgeous skittle manicure by using a few tone on tone pinks and a gorgeous gold:

Debbie re-created the timeless conversational heart candy into nail art with this very cute stamped design on a multi-colored base:

Emily brought bling up to a whole other level by designing this mani made for the people not looking for just another cute heart design!

Nayade goes way outside the box here with some literal hearts on her nails!

Meghan combines mosaics, studs and freehand painting elements to create this stunner of a mani:

Bright pops of neon and pastel work perfectly in this heart mani by Lindsey!
Well there you have it - hopefully you see something here that makes you want to rush out and get those hearts on your fingers! Keep an eye on these ladies' blogs during Valentines Day and you will undoubtedly see even more great manicures and ideas for your own special day!