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Hello!  This is mrsrexy from Canadian Nail Fanatic doing my first ever Digit-al Dozen post!

I'm going to show you a variety of stamping plate options suitable for Valentine's Day.  The fantastic thing about nail art stamping today is that there are wide variety of image plates available, so it doesn't matter what your style is....super cute, funky, traditional or not so traditional....there's an image plate for you!  I'm going to share a few mani's that I've done over the years using a variety of different images....there's obviously a few plates that I tend to reach for again and again as they show up a few times, but one things for sure, regardless of your style, there's a nail stamping plate that will suit your style for Valentine's Day!  

Here's several mani's that are more on the traditional side in imagery use and colour scheme.

Vivid Lacquer VL009 with accent of VL001

MM03 (Be Mine wording on thumb), SdP 60 (couple on ring), SdP 78 (balloons on thumb), SdP 85 (pinky) and Big SdP L (index and middle fingers)

MJII with accent of DRK-A.

Apipila 01

Lilic A02 (middle), CH29 (ring), QA18 (pinky and heart on ring), Big SdP I (index).

A24, HB03, fauxnad F and fauxnad m04.

If you want a Valentine's Day mani but looking for something less traditional, perhaps a little funky or edgy, this can be achieved by changing up the base colour  or using less traditional images or accents.

Messy Mansion MM03; small accent hearts are HD-A

Bundle Monster BM02 

BM-317 (index), DRK-A (thumb and middle), Chez Divers 001 (ring) MJ (no number; one of the original MJ plates; pinky)

MoYou Pro Collection-07 XL

Big SdP A

Dashia Big SdP K

Cheeky Jumbo 6, Happy Holidays

DRK A (pinky and index), MM03 (thumb), BM 311 (middle) and Apipilia P.04 (ring)

Bundle Monster BM 317

SdP A20 (thumb and pinky), Big SdP L (middle) and SdP C20 (ring and pinky).

 Fauxnad E06 for the lettering; CH29 for thumb

Bunny Nails HD-B

SdP 16 and SdP 56

For those who think Valentine's Day is just another day but still want red nails to be holiday appropriate, there's these looks.

Konad m73


Finally, for those who are suffering some heart ache on Valentine's Day, there's stamping image plates for this too.

VL003 (cross out circle on index), HD-A (separated heart on index), T23 (heart on thumb) E01 (black roses on index), Mash-31 (pinky), SdP D07 (middle, SdP 85 (you and me on index) and HD-A (work on thumb and heart on ring)

Gone are the days that those who stamp their nails only had a few Konad images that were somewhat Valentine's related to try to turn them into something Valentine's Day appropriate. While I've shown quite a few different image plates here, there are oh, so many more available and these just touch the surface....there are lots of choices for doing Valentine's Day nails and regardless of your style, there's an image plate for you!  

Thanks for looking!