Welcome! Welcome! Today I (Kirsten from Geeky Owl) have a post for you that I am super excited about (Are others? Perhaps not). 
Today's post is all about those colors that most people find ugly, and I don't mean: Ew, that peach makes my hands red and it's ugly. 
I mean: Ew! That totally looks like baby poop on your nails!

And to that I say: Awesome! Bring it on! Bring on the poop nails! Bring on the Fugly!


Pointless Cafe shows us that baby poop can be a holo! Fugly rainbows! Gotta love this Different Dimension That's Just Ducky! Stunning!


Barielle My Tan Blazer isn't super fugly, but some would consider it close enough. I think it is a beautiful khaki that is just on this side of fugly, and I love it! A lot, I love it a lot.


Canadian Nail Fanatic is showing us a color she considers fugly: China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. In fact, the title of the post to which features this many is called: Fugly from China Glaze On Safari Collex. Hee-hee! I don't think it's fugly? Do you? It looks like the lighter cousin to Barielle My Tan Blazer! Sa-weet!


PishPosh and Polish is showing us a "gunky green": China Glaze Trendsetter. Yep! That's a fugly! But guess what? It's a fugly with glitter! Oh yeah! Things just got one hundred times better!


The Crumpet shows us some fugly love with OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me; which she describes as a "yellowy baby poop green laced with shimmer". Gorgeous! Shimmery baby poop! Winning!


Ah, yes, China Glaze Budding Romance! I fell in love with this one the moment it hit all the blogs last year! Bah! What's not to love! It's just so squishy I'm gonna die! Such a lovely pea-soup! Yum!


Pointless Cafe is showing her fugly side with KleanColor Fashionista. Looks like it could be the opaque twin to Budding Romance! Like two pea soups in a pod!  


Peace, Love, & Polish is showing us her fulgy side as well. But she says she doesn't like this color. What the what? How can you not like Color Club Tribe and True? It's so....so....pukey! I love it! I need it! A lovely olive/brown color that makes by heart flutter! (almost a poet huh!) 


Canadian Nail Fanatic gives us some fulgy yellow to look at: Sally Hansen CSM Butterscotch. Wonderful for fall manis and a nice normal mustard color! Perfection!


Pointless Cafe brings us another slight holo with Above the Curve Banana to a Party! Props and snaps for it being inspired by Doctor Who! Absolutely fantastic! I wear fuglies now, fuglies are cool!


This is Barielle Aura Angora. This is described as a royal gold creme, but I say it's a yummy fugly mustard! And I loves it! My precious! This is a one-coater beaut! Take a look at it's cousin coming up next!


A Girl and Her Polish is showing us one of the most Fugly colors of them all: Nails Inc Hampstead Gardens. I lurve this color a lot! It's that perfect color of new baby poop. It's really fabulous to use in vintage and retro manis! Fabulous formula too! What's not to love? Well, for some, the color......nah!


Will Paint Nails for Food brings us a amazing glitter that is anything but girly! Fanchromatic Nails Horse Lord has glitters and colors that seem to clash is a beautiful way! Gorgeous!


I had to put up this photo by Pointless Cafe. It is titled Baby-Poop-a-Palooza (aka Green Comparison). Hahahaha! I love the title! And look at all the pretty fuglies!
And for your info:
1.  Joe Fresh Khaki
2.  Chanel Khaki Vert
3.  China Glaze Westside Warrior
4.  Miss Sporty #475
5.  Illamasqua Hectic
6.  W.I.C. by Herome Aalborg
7.  Zoya Dree
8.  OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window
9.  RBL No More War
10. KleanColor Fashionista
11. OCC Swamp Thing

Ok, so we've seen a bunch of swatches, how about some nail art using some amazing fuglies!


Manicurity shows us some Freehand Rutilated Quart Nail Art. A gorgeous way to use some fuglies without them burning your eyes (that is, if you don't like fuglies).


Wondrously Polished shows off her amazing floral abilities using some fuglies! (I so want that American Apparel Manila!)


Squeee! I love this mani by Canadian Nail Fanatic! Fugly Owls! Um, heck yes please!


Here I used just a smattering of fugly to make this mani feel complete and vintage-y


 Bee Polished shows us her vintage dots with a few fuglies! Fuglies are so perfect for a vintage/retro theme! We saw a lot of them during the Vintage Theme Week of The Digit-al Dozen!

So, are your eyes burning? Did I make you sick? Did you make it through the entire post? I know I didn't get to all the fuglies, do you have a favorite one that I missed?

Though I did tend to stay with the yellows/tans/greens, there are also fuglies of every color! But it is usually these ones that are could out for their fugliness. *shakes head*

 I love me some fuglies, always have, always will! I think we need to let the fuglies take over the world! Let us unite together in our love of fuglies! Those of you who don't love them? Well............we still love you! To each their own! :)