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Hi there!  It's mrsrexy from Canadian Nail Fanatic back with another stamping related post; this time, featuring a few of my favourite animal stamping plates.  First, let me say that although I've shared 14 mani's here with probably a good couple dozen of images, but there are oh, so many more plates that I could have easily shared.  This is the great thing about having so much variety in stamping plates nowadays....not like a few years ago when we only had Konad and a few fauxnads to pick from.  There is a lot of variety...and new plates coming on the market all the time.  So, I've picked a few of my faves to share!

MoYou Explorer Collection-10

W201 (bugs on middle finger and just below the worm on thumb is a partial stamp using same bug image), SdP 41 (fly on middle finger and thumb), Mash48 (worm on thumb), W230 (ant on index), T44 (bee on thumb), D23 (beetle on pinky), A05 (wasp on index), fauxnad m41 (centipede on ring) W207 (fly above worm on thumb)


Messy Mansion MM01 (thumb is Dash 10)

Lily Anna 11

DRK-A (thumb and index), XXL Big SdP-1 (cat in middle finger), HB37 (paw prints on pinky and middle), Konad m2 (heart on middle) and BM206 (ring)

XXL Big SdP-1 (index), SdP 44 (ring) and fauxnad F2 (rest of fingers and thumb)

 Hot topic (thumb), SdP 46 (brown one on index), unnamed OMG XL (middle) SdP 49 (ring) and VL 002 (small on pinky and black one on index).  Dinosaurs were once animals too, right?

Adventures in Stamping by Apipilia (thumb and index), Apipilia P.12 (ring)

MW62 (pig and horse), SdP 95 (chickens), Dash 6 (cow).

Konad m57

I'm sure this go-to animal print plate is in most stampers plate stashes!

Cheeky Jumbo 9 Wild at Heart (Little Bo Peep accent is Chez Xmas 001)

Essence unnamed plate (stripes) and A28 (tiger face)

LLC 10 (wolf)

Infinity 12

I know....who would have thought there are so many different animal images?  And believe it or not, there are loads more animal plates available that I haven't had a chance to use yet....but hope to soon!