Bee [Bee Polished]

This is Bee. Bee currently lives in the US and is a fully licensed Nail Tech as of May 2012. Nails are not her career, however, they're just her passion! She also has several law degrees which means she has a fairly boring desk job! However, it allows her to polish her nails however she wants, so it's still a win! Bee started her blog in January 2011. She has been into nail art since she was 12 or 13 years old and even had a stamping kit back then! In high school she was more athletic and she didn't get back into it much until the past few years. When Bee is not doing her nails she's usually cooking, listening to music, playing with makeup or snuggling with her two kitties, Aoife and Eoghan who occasionally make their way onto her blog as well. She is a vegetarian and tries to use products which are cruelty free, though there are times when she will use products which are not. She blogs as a creative outlet and also to hopefully show people that nail art is not as difficult as it may seem! :)

Debbie [The Crumpet]

Debbie is the voice and nails behind The Crumpet, which she started just over 2 years ago, She originally started her blog as a writing venture, before being sucked into full-on Polishaholicism. Nail art, reviews, best ofs, secret diaries – she’s been there done that. When she’s not being The Crumpet, Debbie works full time as a team leader in an insurance company. Debbie also runs a zillion Facebook groups including Crumpet’s Nail Tarts, and of course, the DD. When she’s not painting nails, you can find her reading (thrillers), eating (Chinese mmmm), cuddling her daughter, or playing with one of her 2 pussycats.

Emily [The Lacquerologist]

This is Emily and she is a lacquerhead living in beautiful Ohio, USA. Emily is a 26 year old, newlywed, vegetarian, happiness-follower who LOVES NAIL POLISH! It has become a hobby that she is very passionate about, so much so that she's decided to pursue it as a career. Emily finished her course in nail technology in July 2012 and is currently working as a natural nails nail tech, nail artist, and small business owner at Body•Spa•Banquet Nails in Canton, OH! Emily loves spending time searching for new polish, reading beauty blogs, doing her nails and her friends' nails! She is very excited to be a part of the fantastic community of beauty bloggers out there as well as the cosmetology industry! The Lacquerologist focuses exclusively on nails: nail polish swatches, nail art, nail and cuticle care, tutorials, and reviews.

Hannah [Dalai Lama's Nails]

This is Hannah, the nail artist behind the Dalai Lama's Nails. Nail art feeds her creatively - it helps her concentrate and focus, and she loves creating wearable art! Hannah loves sparkles, vivid color, and intricate designs. She enjoys challenging herself to try new techniques and styles. Mostly, she loves the idea of temporary and wearable art.
Hannah is 28 years old and lives with her husband and dog in Denver, CO

Heather [Peace, Love and Polish]

Heather is a 25 year old military wife and mom currently living in South Carolina, but originally from the Philly area. She is an Elementary Special Education teacher and just loves what she does. Heather has been into nails since High School. Her blog started as a way to stay busy while her husband was deployed - and it's kinda stuck around. PS - She loves her dog, a four year old Sheltie!

Jacki [Adventures in Acetone]

This is Jacki, the face behind the nails on Adventures In Acetone. Nail art started as a fun hobby to pass the time when her husband worked night shift in The Army. Once he deployed, she decided to start a blog so she could stop bugging her Facebook friends with tons of nail art photos clogging up their newsfeed. 2+ years later, her blog is still going strong and every Tuesday you can find easy step by step nail art tutorials to help spread her love of nail art. When she's not painting her nails, she is enjoying the Florida weather now that they've left the Army life behind to be closer to family. You can find her playing with her 2 kids, Hailey (5) and Owen(1), or watching geeky Syfy shows with her hubby, Wes, like Doctor Who, Eureka, and Battlestar Galactica.

Katee [A Girl and Her Polish]

Katee is a self-confessed naill polish-oholic! She started blogging about her adventures in nail polish two years ago and loves it! On her blog, A Girl and Her Polish, Katee shares her nail art and reviews nail polish. She is a complete novice and has never had any sort of training. Everything she does is about her love of nail polish. Katee shows step-by-step techniques so that you at home can recreate her designs, and her nail polish reviews give her honest opinion so you don't waste your time with bad polish! Stop by and see her some time!

Kirsten [Geeky Owl]

Kirsten is a 32 year old crazy owl lady. She tends to obsess over nail polish, owls, peacocks, antique doorknobs, keys, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, steampunk mustachios, robots, Disney, anything pumpkin and many other wonderful things. In her downtime she enjoys reading, doing her nails, shopping for any of the above mentioned obsessions, and spending time on pinterest. She dreams of one day going to a comic con and cosplaying!

Laurie [Dressed Up Digits]

While Laurie has always enjoyed wearing nail polish and doing the occasional nail striping art or water decals, it wasn't until nearly 3 years ago her life was changed forever with stamped nail art. Encouraged by Amazon and their countless recommendations to try Bundle Monster plates, she bought the first set and has never looked back. Today Laurie scoffs at all the so called Fashion know it alls who say nail art is dead. Nail art is just beginning to live and it will be here for a long, long, long time. While an avid stamper, and stamping will always be her go to and first choice when it comes to nail art designs, Laurie does the occasional free hand. She absolutely hates tape mani's and only does them if gently pushed aka forced to go in that direction. In the nail polish "world" she is often referred to as the gradient Queen and loves a good gradient. Things Laurie loves besides nail polish--she loves animals and is the proud owner of 2 cats and 10 chinchillas. She loves to read and tries to read a book a day. She is also a Discovery ID junkie with no plans for rehab!

Lindsey [Wondrously Polished]

Lindsey is a 23 year old engineer by day and a nail polish hoarder by night. While she'll tell you that you can never have too much nail polish, her boyfriend, dog, and wallet will beg to differ. Her passion for nail art began in November of 2012 when she discovered a nail art forum online and became instantly obsessed. She finally kicked her lifelong nail biting habit when she realized she could do so much more nail art with longer finger nails! With a stressful day job, nail art has become her creative outlet and a way to let her fried brain relax after a long day. Nail art is the one hobby she's actually stuck with for longer than a few weeks and if you're not careful, she'll talk your ear off about anything polish related! When she's not painting her nails, you can usually find her catching up on her favorite TV shows, reading a new fantasy novel, or taking hikes with her dog.

Meghan [Will Paint Nails for Food]

Meghan is a 30-something PhD student currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is the brains (and nails) behind Will Paint Nails for Food. She fell into nail art by chance in the summer of 2012 when she discovered nail blogs, but she’s been drawing and painting on and off since she was a child. When it comes to nail art, Meghan loves all things freehand and detests anything that involves tape. When not blogging or trying to finish her dissertation, Meghan is working with her sister to launch their own indie polish line called Renaissance Custom Lacquer.

Sheila [Pointless Cafe]

Sheila is the woman behind Pointless Cafe. She's a 40-something polish-lover and artist (acrylic on canvas) and does consulting in the real estate field in her spare time. Originally from Indiana, she now makes her home in Texas with her two dogs. The rest of her time is spent plotting and planning about how to retire in Scotland someday.

Shelly [Sassy Shelly]

Shelly aka "Sassy Shelly" is a reformed badgirl, turned polish addicted girly girl. She now spends her days focused on being a good mother and housewife instead of living the fast life. After gaining her sobriety and settling down to start a family she felt it was time to make a change and become a 'real girl' instead of the tomboy she had been for so many years. She found nail polish and nail art were something she could do to feel pretty and keep herself from slipping into boredom- which can be dangerous in that situation. With an already addictive personality, finding a new hobby like nail art it was only inevitable that it would soon become a full blown polish obsession.. but hey at least it's healthy! Shelly lives in Ohio with her already polish crazy 4 year old daughter and 2 cats she rescued from the streets. Her husband is currently serving with the Army on deployment in Afghanistan.

Sue [Creative Nail Design by Sue]

Meet Sue - the blogger behind Creative Nail Design By Sue. Sue was a chronic nail biter as far back as she can remember. After she went for a gel manicure and saw how much fun it was to have long nails, she never went back to biting her nails. Sue loves nail polish and is obsessed with nail art. Currently, Sue is a nursing home administrator, group fitness instructor and a lover of all things pug related. She loves the blogging community and is always looking for new inspiration from all of the amazing talent that surrounds her.

Tammy [Canadian Nail Fanatic]

This is Tammy; she lives in Ontario Canada with her husband, three teens and one spoiled dog! Tammy has always been into nail polish; when she was in college, polish purchases were a treat for herself on a student’s budget…although her taste back then was more frosty pinks, and she regrets that they weren’t more like the Sally Hansen Magicals or any of those super elusive oldies but goodies she's been trying to seek out ever since! About four years ago, she came upon a Konad display at a home show and literally stood at the booth for over an hour; fascinated that that little butterfly could magically be put on her nails with that little rubber thingy! She was hooked! Her very first purchase was a Konad professional kit…the rest is history! There aren’t too many nail art stamping plates that she doesn't own…it’s her obsession! Around the same time, she got more into polishes and her already large polish collection exploded…she got more into glitters, funky colours and unusual finishes. Nowadays, Tammy tries to find an interesting base or layering of polishes to go with an image..that is, if she's not doing a themed mani (which is her favourite!) Tammy does her nails late at night; long after everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. As a busy professional often working 60+ hours a week, it’s the time she has to herself to finally relax and unwind (thank goodness she can function with an average of 4-5 hours of sleep a night!) Tammy started her blog, Canadian Nail Fanatic, strictly as a means to keep track of the mani’s she had done. When she is not doing her nails, Tammy's favourite pastimes are sitting on the deck, drinking a Timmies while reading a book or boating on the lake in cottage country. She also enjoys surfing and reading the blogs of fellow nail fanatics!

Vic [glowstars.net]

Vic is a 30-something mum to two boys who lives in Liphook, Hampshire, UK. She has been blogging since 2003 at Glowstars.net and has really come to indulge her nail art addiction on the blog over the past few years. Vic's polish problem has also given her a new career as a nail tech at The Polish Bottle (where, funnily enough, you can find more nail pics). When she's not got a bottle of polish in hand, you can find Vic devouring urban fantasy novels, indulging in an unhealthy relationship with ice cream or playing Candy Crush.

Victoria [Vic & Her Nails]

Victoria is a 21 years old animation student from Indonesia, the girl behind Vic and Her Nails. She used to be a horrible nail biter and also hated nail polish a lot! Yes, you read it right. She just couldn't stand the smell of nail polishes. Until one day she decided to cover her nails with nail polish to prevent her from biting. Surprisingly she started to love nail polish and nail art. Now nail art is her passion and nail polish is her addiction. Aside from doing her nails, she really loves reading (Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan), knitting, and singing. Oh, and of course watching animation movies!