11:00 AM
Hi everyone, it's Sue from Creative Nail Design By Sue and I am here today to talk about orange polish.  That's right, it's a polarizing color because people tend to either love it or loathe it. I am in the love it category but mainly because I am Irish with fair skin and the color actually makes me feel tan. So, here are some of our favorites.......

Zoya Cole, shown here by Ashley from Smashley Sparkles is a gorgeous peach from the Awaken Collection.  perfect color for spring and for those people that want a taste of orange with a degree of subtleness.

Now, if you are looking for something a little louder, maybe of the holo variety, you can not overlook Jade Uau.  This is even more amazing in person but Debbie from The Crumpet captures it pretty well here.

Now, if that isn't loud enough for you, here is another classic, gorgeous orange from China Glaze called Papaya Punch.  Emily from The Lacquerologist added Zoya Beatrix to create some nail art.  

Here is a great summer polish called Zoya Jesy from the Bubbly Collection.  This is by Katee from A Girl And Her Polish.

Two for the price of one, Lindsey from Wondrously Polished uses Lime crime Milky Ways as a base for some nail art featuring Zoya Arizona.

Now, if none of these fit your style, here is a slightly different take, Meghan from Will Paint Nails For Food does a gorgeous swatch here using Contrary Polish Blood Orange.  She describes it as a "vivid burnt orange."

For those of you that want an "in your face" orange.  Something that screams "I want my nails to be noticed", take a look at KB Shimmer's 24 Carrot Bold shown here by Heather from Peace, Love and Polish

And equally loud but with their trademark hidden shimmer, this is ManGlaze Butt Taco.  My personal favorite orange.  And, a little nail art to go with it....

Back to the creme department, we move to a gorgeous coral polish by OPI called Toucan Do It If You Try from their Brazil Collection.  Nory from Fierce Makeup And Nails did a beautiful job with this.  I bet it would be amazing in a pedicure for the summer too!!

Moving away from cremes into jellies, here T.I. from Canadian Nail Fanatic shows us the squishy goodness of Elevation Polish Sarychev.  

Here is one that needs no real introduction, Sheila from Pointless Cafe lets us drool over Dior Mandarin Orange.  The gold flecks in this are amazing.

It wouldn't be right if I ended this with something any less than spectacular.  I also believe in leaving orange in it's natural form.  To me, that means it stands out and makes people take notice.  I think Shelly from Sassy Shelly captured that beautifully in this photo of Glam Polish Fawn.  Hellllooooo orange!!