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Hello, all! Lindsey here from Wondrously Polished! If you've ever stopped by my blog, you may have noticed that I enjoy doing a floral mani on occasion. Some would say it's obsessive, and to those folks I would say "shhh!" Because of my love of floral, I jumped at the chance to share some of my favorite flower manis from my fellow (insanely) talented Digit-al Dozen members. 

One of the best things about floral nail art is the versatility of it! There are endless possibilities when it comes to techniques, styles and color palettes and I doubt we'll ever tire of the floral manicure. So, without further ado, lets take a look at some drool worthy looks using various techniques! 

Although dotting tools are a necessity in any nail artist's toolbox, they are especially helpful in creating simple yet adorable floral looks. Debbie and Kerrie make it look easy with these manis and make me excited for spring. 

Dotted Poppies from The Crumpet
Simple Poppies from PishPosh & Polish

While I can't seem to find the right end of a stamper, some of my favorite ladies have mastered the art of the (floral) stamp. Whether it's traditional stamping like Katee or Kirsten's look, or the Lead Light method - think stained glass where you fill in a black border with color - like Tammy's, I am in awe of the floral looks possible with these tools. 

Stamped Floral from A Girl and Her Polish
Indian Floral from The Geeky Owl
Lead Light Floral from Canadian Nail Fanatic

If you're feeling ambitious (and patient!), water marbling is one of the more unique methods of creating flawless flowers. With spring finally here in the Northern Hemisphere, I couldn't resist sharing Ashley's psychedelic floral marble to get us in the mood for warmer weather. 

Neon Water Marble flowers from Smashley Sparkles

If all else fails, simple free hand is a tried and true method for creating your favorite floral look. A detail brush and a few of your favorite polishes allow for unlimited flower gardens on your finger tips. 

Roses from Fierce Makeup and Nails
Freehand Floral from Adventures in Acetone

With a little extra practice, you can even create flowers with one-stroke of your brush! Teach us your ways, Sue!! 

One-stroke flowers from Creative Nail Designs by Sue

Floral looks also allow for thinking outside the box (and the lines!). An abstract or sketched floral look can be beautiful and striking as shown by Meghan and Emily with these two looks. 

Jan Weiss inspired floral from Will Paint Nails for Food
Abstract Hibiscus floral from The Lacquerologist

And for those of you who aren't satisfied with just ONE style on your mani? Never fear, Emma and I have you covered! Tribal and Rosebuds? Check. Plaid and roses? Double, check! 

Tribal Rosebuds from Manicurity
Plaid and Roses from Wondrously Polished

And last, but certainly not least, the holy grail of the floral mani is to use actual flowers! This might seem odd at first, but nothing beats the look of real flowers if you're wanting to create a beautiful and elegant manicure. 

Flowers and Lace from Glowstars.net
Newspaper nails & dried flowers from Sassy Shelly

If you weren't a lover of the floral manicure at the start of this post, I hope we've converted you by now! Do you have a favorite type of floral manicure? We'd love to hear from you!