11:00 AM

Hi everyone!!  I have the honor of writing a post about stamping polishes.  If we all got together and started a list of stamping polishes today, we could easily fill several notebooks.  Almost all polishes have the ability to stamp but some better than others based on their formula and dry time.  Finding the right combination of colors can take some trial and error.  Originally I started out making a list of traditional polishes that are great stampers but then I realized my list was not very interesting because it was comprised of black, white and foil polishes.  I think most of you who stamp know that these polishes as a whole are generally the best because they have the ability to stand out in a design and go with most undies.  So, I set out to find you some great stamping polishes that are not so traditional.  I didn't have to go far because we have some creative ladies here in The Digit-al Dozen that are always testing the limits and trying new things.  Let's have a look.....

First up is Katee from A Girl And Her Polish showing us Butter London Cotton Buds and Goss stamping in both directions.  Neutral on white and vice versa.

Here we have Debbie from The Crumpet showing us Mentality Tempest stamped with Too Fancy Lacquer Holly.

Next up is Shelly from Sassy Shelly.  She stamped using a combination of Zoya Jacqueline, Avery, Flynn and Louise.

Another mani by Katee from A Girl And Her Polish.  She uses NOPI This Blue Is So You in a simple design but it clearly showcases the beauty of this polish as a stamper.

Have a look at what Jacki from Adventures in Acetone did using Zoya Carly.  Isn't this beautifully delicate??

Ashley from Smashley Sparkles used Picture Polish Tango for the base and stamped with CND Copper.

Emily from The Lacquerologist shows us another simple but beautiful design by stamping with Milani Sangria Rush.

Here Katee from A Girl And Her Polish uses Essie After School Boy Blazer to stamp.  Wow!!  This is beautiful.

Missy from Gnarly Gnails shows us another great blue for stamping.  The subtlety of this really makes it unique and classy.  The stamping was done using Sinful Colors Cold Leather.

Tammy from Canadian Nail Fanatic shows us the power of the HOLO!!  This is Sinful Colors Cinderella topped with Layla Ocean Rush.  

Here is another by Shelly of Sassy Shelly.  The stamping here was done with Sinful Colors Moss Have.

And, last but not least, here is one from me, Creative Nail Design By Sue.  It is Zoya Reagan.  I have found that Zoyas make excellent stamping polishes.

So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite stamping polish?