Hi Everyone

I’m Debbie, from The Crumpet, and the Digit-al Dozen was my idea.  Today, as we launch ourselves into our future, I thought I’d share with you how we came about, how we developed, and how it feels to be part of this very special nail art group.

I value the Digit-al Dozen because it is one of the most supporting and kindest groups of people I have ever met. Also they push me to be a better nail artist and expand upon my skills every time we do a theme week! I am honoured to be among these amazing ladies!  STEPHANIE aka Sincerely Stephanie

I started the group in July 2012.   The original aim was to have just 9 members, because 9 is a magic number and there were 9 muses.  For a few weeks, we called ourselves Polished To The Nines.

During Summer 2012 I had gotten a bit sick of nail art challenges, partly because I created a great big beastly Summer one which was about 80 prompts long.  I found I hated the neverending-ness of it, and also resented the specificity of each prompt – what I found myself craving for was a nail art theme that was looser, and broader in its definitions.

Thanks, to the ladies of Digit-al Dozen who welcomed me into the group. I wasn't an original 12 but was asked if I would be interested in joining in December 2012.  I think some of my most creative mani's have been as a result of the challenges.  I strive to just keep up to the other ladies endless talent as there is simply so much creativity and nail art skill in the group......the only nail art I do is stamping and for the most part, have been lucky enough to be able to stamp a mani for most of the challenges but even then, the challenges have been forcing me to go out of my comfort zone by trying to come up with a tape mani for example!  So honoured to be a part of the group ..so thank you ladies of the Digit-al Dozen!!   TAMMY aka Canadian Nail Fanatic

So, I asked by best polish friends at that time if they would like to be part of a different type of group.  One where we only committed to one week a month, but could use our imagination to interpret the theme in whatever way we wanted.  All of these people had done challenges with me before, or were people I wanted to work with (Victoria).   By now, we had 10 members, so we decided to go the whole hog and become a dozen.   Here are the original 12 - 

 Nayade * Bee * Kirsten * Missy * Jessica * Vic * Victoria * me * Katee * Kerrie * Emma * and Caitlin, from Caitlin's Corner *

It was Bee who christened us the Digit-al Dozen, a play on the word “digits”, and also on our social networking.   Some of us had a little practice run in August, doing red manis, and then we officially launched on 10th September 2012 with Blue.

I've been in the Digit-al Dozen since it began. I was honored then and still am to be part of this group. It's great to be among these ladies the polish community look up to. And I'm numbered among them in this group (say what!?) though my blog isn't as well known. They make me strive to be better each month.
I love that this group is so close, we have helped each other with all types of issues and problems (blog or personal). We are friends. This isn't a group to me, it's a sisterhood, a sisterhood of polish that I am glad and forever grateful to be a part of.   KIRSTEN aka Geeky Owl

After a couple of months, it became clear that 12 members was not enough.  Life happened, and some members couldn’t post for a couple of months – perfectly natural.  It bugged me we were called The Digit-al DOZEN and yet most of our posts only had 9 contributors, so we decided to get a little larger, so that if people did move house, have babies, need a break etc, we would always have 12 people posting. So, in November 2012 (ish), we added - 

Leslie * Heather * Sue * Jacki * Whitney

As one of the first Digit-al Dozen members, I can definitely attribute this group to being a huge influence on my blogging, my skills and my life in general.  I truly feel like this group is a family. We can be dysfunctional at times, have disagreements, but at the end of it all, this group of women really do care about each other and have so much respect for one another.  I think we can each say that we have made the others better at their nail art and every woman in this group is kind and helpful. We share our lives, tips, advice and a lot of laughter.  I've been in my small share of nail groups and this one is definitely the best fit. There are no big egos or drama, and I think every single person here feels appreciated and respected, regardless of their blog size or skill level, which is the best part to me. I hope the future brings nothing but better nail art and deeper friendships for all of us!  MISSY aka Gnarly Gnails

A couple of months after that, Stephanie (who had wanted to join originally, but couldn't due to her university course) had the time to join us, and we also added Tammy and Ashley.   After that, Laurie, who I am in other groups with, said she needed a challenge .... and became a member too :)

The Digit-al Dozen  is truly amazing, all the ladies past and present are so inspirational and keep pushing me to better my nail art and my blog.  I am truly humbled to be in the same group as some really amazing bloggers and they treat me and my little blog as an equal. They are full of helpful advice and are really supportive. Not only that but I am proud to say I am firm friends with everyone, the Digit-al Dozen is far more than a nail art group it is an integral group of close  knit people with a  deep passion for nail art blogging and ounces of creative flair.  I can 100% say that any growth and improvement in my blog is down to the Digit-a Dozen and I hope to be a member of the group for a long time to come!  KERRIE aka PishPoshandPolish

Until recently, the group hasn’t changed very much from that line-up.  But then a couple of people asked if they could join the group, and so … we added a few more, to take us up to the round number of 24.  This month sees the debut of Nory, Emily, Jolene and Shelly, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what they come up with.

With our array of monthly challenges, the girls in the group have pushed me to become a better, more adventurous nail artist. The girls have also supported me through tough times and are a regular source of laughs and friendship.  VIC aka Glowstars

Will the line –up change again?  Undoubtedly.  Life happens.  Blogging is also a demanding mistress, and lots of us have suffered some sort of burn out at various times.  If we’re lucky, that only lasts a few days, or a week or 2, but I totally understand why some bloggers (and group members) have needed a 3 or 4 month break.

I was lucky enough to be one of the very first Digital Dozen members. I can still remember us trying to come up with a name!! There have been some ups and downs along the way but I'm so happy to be a member. It's so rewarding to go from a small group who isn't really sure where they're going to a strong group of talented ladies with a very clear plan! I've been so proud to watch it grow and change and become what it is today. It keeps me on my toes and the themes challenge me every month to do things I wouldn't have otherwise. I can't wait to see what's in the future for us!  BEE aka Bee Polished

I’m often asked how people can join the Digit-al Dozen, and the simple answer is – not very easily.  This was designed specifically to be a very small group, and as you’ll see from everyone’s comments, that’s what has made us feel like sisters, the fact that the group is small enough that we can support and encourage each member.

It was a year ago that I got a message from the Crumpet asking me if I would be interested in joining a new nail art group she was starting.  I was ecstatic that she asked me to join the group! I had gotten to know Debbie while completing the Summer Challenge and was excited to work with her on a smaller scale.  Being part of the Digit-al Dozen has really pushed me to try new things and improve the skills that I have.  The other ladies are extremely supportive and talented.  They are a constant inspiration to my nail art.  I am so thankful to be a part of this group and to have been there since the beginning, to watch it grow and become fantastic!  KATEE aka A Girl And Her Polish

Whilst some people have asked to join and been admitted, usually it’s the other way round, and I will invite someone to join.  We’ve had a couple of misfires along the way too, where people have joined, only to find the group is not for them (the rigidity of a theme, the demanding schedule) and we’ve even had some people turn us down (because this style of challenge doesn’t fit with the way they like to blog / be inspired).   We’re all different :)

I still remember when I received the proposal to join a group of nail art called the Digit-Al Dozen ... It's been a year since that and I am very happy to be part since I have a few mates that I learn a lot from every month. Alongside them, the fun does not stop with those ladies! NAYADE aka Toxic Vanity

Mostly, we’ve found that success comes from inviting people we know, and people who already have a busy blogging schedule – those who have the discipline to post every day (or close to it), understand the scheduling of the challenges.  Oh and it also helps if you’re awesome at nail art :)
 I had always loved reading the DD posts throughout the blogosphere. When Debbie asked me to join I was so ecstatic and honored. My blog was so small, and I honestly didn't think other nail bloggers were paying attention to my work. I felt like a groupie was finally accepted to the in-crowd.
I value DD because of the awesome friendships I have made with everyone, and the challenge it presents to me to think outside he box and try things I normally wouldn't. It also pushes me to improve on my skill - being in a group with such talented ladies is never easy, but so much fun.  HEATHER aka Peace Love and Polish

And that leads us to now, and this website, and what we want it to be.  We are all in this group because we have a passion for nail art.  We tend to follow nail art blogs, and want to try the latest techniques.  And now we want to share that with you too.  We want to help you by sharing our mistakes, and celebrating what we’ve learnt, and to make this the go-to place for everyone who LOVES nail art and wants to get better at it.

OMG I was SO thrilled when I was asked if I wanted to be part of Digital Dozen.  I felt it was an honor because it's a full mix of women--not all huge bloggers but a true mix of talent--not all freehand, not all stamping just a wonderful mix of women who are passionate about nail art.  LAURIE aka Dressed Up Digits

To give you a flavour, these are some of the topics we’ll be posting over the next few weeks –

*  What camera do you use?
*   Our next theme – what it is and some examples of how you can do it
*    How did our newbies find their first challenge?
* A Dozen Easy Nail Patterns
* A Dozen Halloween Patterns
* A Dozen Mistakes We've ALL Made

My blog had turned into hardly any nail art after my son was born and when I was invited to join The Digit-al Dozen, I was so excited to have monthly challenges to get back into nail art. The past year has turned my blog back to my initial plan and I owe it to Debbie and The Digit-al Dozen for inspiring me to get back to my true nail love.    JACKI aka Adventures In Acetone

And the list goes on :)  We’ll be posting twice a week, hopefully on themes you find interesting, informative and FUN!  If there are specific things you’d like to see, either comment below, or post them on our Facebook wall HERE, and we’ll do our best to help you out, even if it’s via a monthly FAQ post.

And above all else?   Enjoy xx :)