Hi Everyone

source: hellohellodesign.tumblr.com

And welcome to the new website of The  Digital Dozen!

Today is a really exciting day as The Digital Dozen expands in a new direction.  We’ve always been a band of nail artists who blog on a specific theme for one week of the month, and recently we celebrated our one year anniversary.  We had such fun joining together on that, that it made us think about how else we could join together …. And here we are :)

The Digital Dozen monthly challenge will continue, but we will now also be using this blog to bring you EXTRA content.  We will be posting at least once a week on a variety of topics, bringing you hints, tips, advice and behind the scenes news and disasters!   We’ll also do some “Favourites” posts, where we share our thoughts on our favourite products, tools and techniques, as well as Giveaways and competitions.

You’ll still need to visit our blogs or Facebook pages individually to follow the challenges, but we hope you’ll find this blog a great place to hang out, kick back, and learn from our triumphs, disasters, learning curves and general polishaholic-ness!

Feel free to leave us comments, we’d love to know your thoughts, and any suggestions of what you’d like to see, and in the meantime, if you’d like to scroll back up to the top, there are a gazillion ways to follow us!