Afternoon loves!

It's Stephanie here from Sincerely Stephanie to tell you a little bit about our upcoming theme week starting on Monday October 14th! This months theme is Skittles and I am really excited because this theme was my pick!

Many of you may be wondering just what is a skittle manicure? There are many variations of definitions floating around out there, but for this week it means that every nail is different! How different they are doesn't matter as long as there are some variations between nails. This could be either in colour or design. Here are a few examples of past skittles that we have done!

Now you may be asking why I chose Skittle Week?! Skittles are my absolute favourite form of nail art. I love creating a manicure where every nail is different, yet it all still works. Now 'works' is a general term, what I think works, another person may go, 'what was she thinking?!', but that's the beauty of nail art, you can always wipe it off and start over and everyone has their own style and taste! :)

Let's check in with some of the other members of The Digit-al Dozen to see if they're ready and what their thoughts on this theme are!

I'm 80% ready only because I thought the posts started on October 7th so was trying to be ahead of the game instead of doing them the week of, which is more typical of me! - Tammy from The Canadian Nail Fanatic

Well of course I'm ready. I'm always ready weeks in advance!  - Vic from Glowstars

I have only just planned mine and picked out the polishes. That's it. :) - Kirsten from The Geeky Owl

 Haven't started yet, which is unlike me, but i've been delayed due to poorliness! I love random nail art, and I also love that a skittle look can be thrown together pretty easily. As far as nail art goes, it's pretty low maintenance, and you can even add to it, day by day - Debbie from The Crumpet

I almost never do skittles! I did my first (and only) one last night for a special event today, and I love it. Note to self: do more skittles! - Victoria from The Manicurator

I suck at skittles this is going to be hard for me - Laurie from Dressed Up Digits

I almost always plan ahead and have my manicures done before the start date but skittles 

have presented an obstacle. In a nutshell, my co-workers hate them. For some reason, they can't wrap their brain around the concept of nail color not being uniform. So, to avoid the scrutiny, I am limited to executing these manicures on weekends. And, after all that work, who wants to go and remove it to complete another one? - Sue from Creative Nail Designs by Sue

Preparing for Skittles week has been terrifying on multiple levels: first, it's my very first DD challenge, and secondly, I rarely ever do Skittle manicures, so I've had to adjust my natural style. It's really fun to push myself like that though, and I guess that's what makes it a "challenge"! - Emily from The Lacquerologist

I am really looking forward to what everyone comes up with this week! I have one of my manicures done that I am wearing this weekend. It's going to be fun coming up with my favourite form of nail art for 5 days straight!

Hope you all tune in this week to see our skittles!